Friday, September 17, 2010

First illness

Mama took the day off from work yesterday to snuggle with me. We had a great day despite my 103.1 temp. It was so nice to take naps together with me tucked away in her arms and unlimited access to nursing. I know my mama was worried about me becoming dehydrated and going back to the NICU. As great as those nurses were, my mama never wants to go there again.

The doctor said it's viral and I most likely picked something up from daycare. You see, I'm teething now and I put everything and anything in my mouth, including trying to put Gracie in my mouth. She's just so cute and fluffy, I couldn't resist. She said because of the broken skin from teething, I'm more prone to picking something up. No worries though because I feel much better. I think it was all that snuggling. Mama said I was such a trooper because I wasn't fussy at all.

The only downside is that I got my first diaper rash. It's from all of the poop. The doctor warned that this would happen. But the upside is this just means I get more "naked hiney time." Not to brag, but I have a cute little tush!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Preston heads to NYC

This weekend we went to The Big Apple to visit some friends. Being in NYC is awesome. There's just something really exciting about the noise, the people, the culture, etc. Our day started very early in the morning with a walk around Central Park. I recently read And Tango Makes Three to Preston so we had to go to the Central Park Zoo to "see" Silo, Roy, and Tango. Afterwards we had a lovely picnic in the park before heading off to FAO Schwartz for a new toy. Talk about an intense but fun place to shop.

Later we met up with my friend Brad. Once upon a time in Grad School, Brad and I were thick as thieves. We have some good memories of livin' it up in our 20's. Everytime I visit him we always end up somewhere fun. This time around we ended up at The Park to eat dinner. We sat in their lovely outdoor garden and I enjoyed a lovely glass of mint lemonade and a steak salad. We stopped off in Chelsea Market to have what has to be THE BEST hot chocolate I've ever had in my entire life. Brad, best described it as a melted chocolate bar. It was so rich and velvety. OMG, I'd love to have another cup right now. The night ended at my favorite bakery in the whole wide world, Rocco's. Honestly, going to this bakery was one of the highlights of my trip. They have the most amazing cannoli's.

We went back to Long Island to stay with Dina. Last year she bought a beautiful little home. It was fun to just kick back around the firepit and enjoy the crisp air. The following day we went to Cedar Beach which is a really rocky beach on the north shore of Long Island. We also went to Port Jefferson which is a cute boating area with lots of shops, places to eat, etc. All in all, we had a great time.
Preston, as always, was such a little sweetheart and did really well traveling. Although I can't see any signs of teeth emerging, he is teething and seems to be handling it really well so far. As long as he can put something in his mouth, he's good to go. I'm considering making breastmilk ice-pops for him in ice trays and putting it on that mesh feeder. Any thoughts or ideas on what helped your little ones? He can also sit up on his own now which is really amazing. It feels like just the other day we were celebrating the fact that he could roll over.