Thursday, February 25, 2010

Lamaze Class #1

We started lamaze last night. Of course, we were the only lesbian couple and I was the only black person there out of 10 other couples. I think most couples caught on that Danielle and I were there as a couple. However, one girl was just so clueless. The ice-breaker was to go around, find out each others names and due dates. Well there was one other couple who are due April 9th like us. However, the clueless girl didn't catch on so when she introduced herself to us and we both said April 9th, she thought there were 3 of us due April 9th. Later on, she was talking to Danielle about baby experiences in a way that she was waiting for Danielle to relate as a carrying mom would. However, she seemed a little confused when Danielle couldn't. Maybe next week....

Class is from 6:30-9pm which is great for us working people. However, it makes for a long day. Towards the end, the teacher engaged us in a relaxation exercise where she turned out the lights, had us lay on mats with our pillows and put on soothing music and did some guided imagery. I remember her saying something about beach umbrellas and that was it, I was out for the count. Danielle had to jab me to wake me up!!! The teacher had forewarned us that this may happen. Let's just say, I have no problems relaxing. I do think guided imagery will help me during labor as well as using a focal point. The first thing that comes to mind as a focal point is a vase of purple or deep pink tulips. So hopefully, we'll buy some the weeks leading up to my due date.

Tonight I'm off to an open house for a Pediatric Office. Tomorrow, I have a prenatal appointment. Saturday is Danielle's mother's surprise 50th birthday party and Sunday we are visiting friends. It's been a busy week. My goal for next week is to get my hospital bag packed. I know it's early but I'd rather have it waiting than trying to scramble at the last minute.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Invitation greatness

Our Shower is next Sunday, March 7th. I'm so psyched about it and can't believe it's coming up so fast. I'm honestly way more excited about seeing my friends than the gift receiving (although that will be fun too). I truly feel like this is a celebration of our really difficult ttc journey and being able to share the happiness with my good friends who supported me along the way.

My friend Erica is flying in from Los Angeles, her mother is coming in from DC, my childhood BFF from NY, and my brother and his family are coming in from OH. Then I'll have all of my in town friends as well. It will be a small shower with a little less than 30 people and it's at a really nice hotel downtown for afternoon tea.

Erica did a wonderful job with the invitations and envelopes. They are beautiful and totally reflect me and my personality.

Gifts are starting to pour in already. Over the weekend, Danielle's mother and sister bought us a pack and play. The week before we got a Chicco travel system from my parents. Yesterday my brother and sil sent us a monitor. It's pretty neat because you can wear it like a watch, on your upper arm like an ipod when you are exercising, or clipped to your shirt. They also bought us an Ergo carrier. And Rachel (single mom insanity) sent us Boon sippy cups at Mr. Farty's recommendation.

This baby is going to be so decked out with all of this stuff but he deserves it. It took him so long to come to us.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Nothing Says Romance Like....

Going to BRU and the Auto Show on Valentine's Day.

V-day isn't huge for us. I think as long as we are together, we're happy. We went out of sushi on Saturday and did some shopping.

Then on Sunday, we took advantage of BRU's trade in event. A friend of mine was gracious enough to donate 3 old baby items so that we could obtain three 25% off coupons for baby gear. We bought a baby gate, travel system, and a separate car seat for Danielle's car. We had to put back the mattress because we ran out of room in my small car. The coupons saved us a ton of money.

Because I have such a small car, I've been toying with the idea of getting a new car. It's such a difficult decision because my car is paid off and has been for several years, runs well, and did I mention paid off? The thought of going back to a car payment sucks. However, my car is small and I worry about our safety more so now that a baby will be in the car with us.

So yesterday we went to the Auto Show. All of the top makers were there showing off their cars, suv's, and minivans. Danielle is really pushing for a minivan and while they are cool inside, I'm not truly in love with the idea. My current car was chosen and half paid for by my parents when I finished grad school. So this will be the first time that I actually get to choose a car that I want. I seem to be really drawn to crossovers and suv's. I'm also really drawn to the Nissan Altima. The nice thing about the auto show was that I got to look at and sit in suv's by makers I had never even thought about. Maybe during my maternity leave I'll look into shopping around.

Last night we watched "The Happiest Baby on the Block." Has anyone tried his techniques? My friend and SIL had success with his 5 S's. Just wondering what other people thought about him.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Damn Snow....UPDATED to Yeah! Snow

Generally I hate snow but I was looking forward to the snowstorm we were getting. I rented movies and had lovely visions of cuddling with Danielle in bed while watching movies, reading, playing video games and resting. However, my plans were foiled when Danielle went to visit her mother, fell asleep, and woke up after the storm hit and is now snowed in at her mother's.

So what to do during a snowstorm?
-Bake bread
-Figure out how to replace the broken belt on the vacuum
- Hang pictures in the baby's room
- Enjoy left over Indian food from last night (wish I had more)
- Go outside to clear the sidewalk but realize quickly it's way too much
- Decide to make breakfast for dinner bc you've been craving pancakes lately
- Feel sorry for yourself bc your other half isn't with you and that's all that you want
- Get your tax papers together

My neighbor cleared out his car so I was able to get my car out. I took all the major roads that were clear and went to rescue my love (cue music: Reunited and it feels so good). Now it's time for movies, snuggling, chips and salsa, more snuggling and enjoying each other. Now this is what I had in mind. Yeah!!! She's home.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Tentative Birth Plan

Birth Plan

Dear Patrick,
Thank you for helping us along every step of the way. Your support has been incredible and I look forward to you being my caregiver for the birth of our child.

Safety permitting, during labor we hope for:
· Intermittent fetal monitoring per ACOG standards. I do not want to be strapped to the
· The ability to walk and move around as much as possible, use the Jacuzzi and/or shower,
and the use of massage and relaxation.
· Different birthing positions (i.e. kneeling, squatting, birth chair)
· No pain medication. I am aware that I can change my mind and I will ask you if I do. If I do
in fact choose medication, please limit it to an epidural. If medication is needed due to
complications please thoroughly explain what each one is and why I need it. Please let
us exhaust all non-invasive means before using these.
· Low lights, low music, minimal chatter, and minimal exit/entry, especially as I get more
active and when I am pushing.
· Minimal hospital personnel present at birth. Although a student is welcome to observe.
· Aside from you and a nurse, I would like Danielle to be my only other support person in
the room. Family and friends are to wait in the waiting room especially when labor
intensifies and I begin to push.
· KANGAROO PROTOCAL PLEASE. If for some reason I am not available to provide this,
the baby is to be given to Danielle who will take over.
· Ample time to hold and breastfeed my baby immediately after birth
· Absolutely no bottles or pacifiers are to be given to the baby. I plan to breastfeed and
would like the baby to be brought to me for all feedings.

We know things can happen requiring us to modify our plan. We also know we might change our minds along the way. We really appreciate your support and help on our birth team.

Thank you

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Week 30

When I have to work in the evening, I've discovered the simple pleasure of laying in bed until about an hour before having to go to work. The furries and I fell into this wonderful routine over the last few days where we see Danielle off to work, sleep in a bit more, and then spend the morning camping out in bed watching tv, reading and eating breakfast. Slice sleeps as he has no interest in socializing unless food is involved and Gracie enjoys playing with her toys, slice's toys, and any socks laying around. Oh and lets not forget the soil in the potted plants. Periodically she makes it up on to the bed and falls asleep at my legs. I'm usually the type that feels that there are lots to be done around the house but I'm trying to give in to my fatigue and need to rest and I really enjoy it. I think I will do this more often when I have the chance. Even on weekends. In a few short weeks I won't have the luxury of lounging around although maybe the baby will like to snuggle with his mommies for a bit on a Saturday morning.

On the days that I haven't been lounging around, I've been busy with baby's room. This past weekend, I washed, folded and put away clothing that were given to us. When can I start to use fabric softener or dryer sheets? I used All Free and I just wish the clothes came out as soft as ours. It is cute seeing his clothes neatly put away in the drawer. I had a difficult time deciding how to organize his clothes. I still don't think I have it down 100% but I've decided that I have three drawers and each drawer will carry a select size. When he grows out of that size, it will get put away or donated and the drawers will move up one. His outfits will go on hangers, socks and cloth diapers in separate baskets on his changing table, bibs, hats, and receiving blankets in the changing table cabinet, and shoes in another basket. Baskets seem to be the easiest way for me to stay organized. I'm amazed at how much stuff he has already and we haven't done much major clothes shopping or had our baby shower.

His room is coming along nicely. This Saturday we are taking advantage of the BRU sale and will buy his travel system and mattress. We have a few more things to put up on the wall and I think after that we'll be done. I like being in his room and I find that I'm in there a lot over the weekends working on projects. It just feels cozy in there which is what I was going for.

The other night I had a dream about him. I woke up feeling very warm and fuzzy. I don't remember what he looked like but I remember holding him and breastfeeding him. I wonder if my dreams about him are going to increase as the time gets closer.

Danielle can consistently feel him from the outside these days. They have chats about poker and he responds by kicking. Last night she played music from him and he was kicking away to it. It's nice to see them connect.

In the meantime, I'm starting to think about my birth plan as instructed by my midwife. We also have to pick a pediatrican although I have one in mind. Last week I went to a Baby Basics Class offered by a local Pediatrician's office. I was the only one who showed up so it kind of turned into an informal Pediatric Interview. I liked the doctor but I wasn't all that impressed with their hours, process to get in contact with the doctor after hours, or location. I was given a bag of goodies which is always nice, so it wasn't a complete wash.