Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My week so far

It's a girl: It was a very hard decision but I think we are going to choose the girl puppy. Tonight we went over to Donna's house (Danielle's mom) to play with them. The girl is very feisty and playful. The boy is so adorable and very laid back, which I like but given the feedback, advice, size, match for the cat, etc I think the girl will be a better fit. We still have a few weeks to make a final decision but I think it's going to be the girl.

CD 2: Danielle has officially started her River Cycle. In Texas Hold 'Em, you are dealt two cards. The first three cards on the table is called the flop, the fourth card is the turn, and the fifth card is the river. You use your two cards plus three of the cards on the table to come up with the best hand. A devastating moment in a hand is when you feel like you have the best hand but the river (last card) comes and it gives someone else the best hand. This is known as "getting rivered." So as previously mentioned, Danielle has likened my last try to a poker hand (KJ suited) and right now we feel like I have the best hand (acupuncture, fate, the luck of the draw, good sperm count, good response to the meds, timing, etc). However, as we know, we can have a perfect cycle and then it can be a bust. So if I get rivered (like the last 14 times) by life, this will be Danielle's cycle. Long explanation, I know and if you are curious as to why Danielle has likened my last cycle to poker it's because she loves poker. We will only have a few days between finding out the fate of my cycle and possibly insemming her. It kinda feels nice not having to wait two more weeks before trying again even if it is with her.

Etsy: My mom made her first Etsy sale. She is totally thrilled and I'm happy for her. Trying to maintain that site has become a second job for me. Thanks everyone who went over to view it.

The girls: We are going to visit my nieces this weekend. Logan (age 4) is one of my favorite people. She's incredibly affectionate and just says some pretty funny things at times. Last weekend Danielle and I had fun buying the girls clothes at the Carter Store (love that shop). I've also gone a little mad with summer toys: Frisbee, jump rope, 3D chalk, bubbles, and lacross sticks (only because my brother played in college). I'm hoping to get a good game of hopscotch in. Honestly, I don't even remember how to play it. Google it, I suppose unless anyone else knows.

Oh and me: I'm 7dpo today. No signs or symptoms of anything. Just biding time. I was going to test over the weekend but Danielle suggested we wait and now that we are visiting the girls, it will be a great distraction.

Well peeps, I hope this short work work is serving you well. I know I can't wait for Friday.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Maltese Mix

The dogs are a cross between a Maltese and Shih Tzu.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Potential Pups

Introducing: Geno (m), Patches (m) and Sydney (f).
Danielle has seen all three in person and loves them all. I'm going to see them tomorrow. Our choices will be narrowed down tomorrow after the owner's niece comes over to pick which one she wants. The owner, Peggy, has been Donna's (Danielle's mom) neighbor since Danielle was a child. I will post larger pics and videos tomorrow. These were taken with a cell phone. BTW: We are still "fighting" over names. Danielle has somewhat let go of Dice (thank god) and we've added the following: Sophie, Gracie, Masie, Lola, Sadie, and Bailey.


Ahhhh, Rocco's.... the best bakery ever. Just the other day I was just trying to entice giggleblue to take her family there when they move back to NYC in two weeks. So it got me thinking about them again. Rocco's is this delightful Italian bakery that serves cookies, bread, cakes, cannolis, gelato, and other delectable goodies. We discovered them one summer night after hours of dancing at a nearby club (ah the joys of being young). The smell alone is heaven and we can't even think about going to NYC without stopping there to pick up lots of tasty treats. My favorite is their hand piped cannoli. I would die for one right now. So imagine my surprise when I found out that they now have a website and deliver. I quickly called them this morning full of hope and anticipation only to have my heart broken when they told me that they can't ship cannoli's but they can ship cookies and breads. WHHHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYYYYYY? Why did they have to ruin all my hopes and dreams? I think a weekend trip to NYC to visit friends (the excuse) is in order.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Tweak

I'm always in awe of people's generosity. After my acupuncture session with Sydnie on Tuesday she suggested I come back on Thursday for a "tweak." The session was shorter (30 min vs 60 min) and she only worked on the front of my body but I knew that going in. When I went to pay she told me that it was on the house. She wished me good luck, asked that I call her to let her know the results and sent me on my merry way. How awesome!

Thank you to those who provided feedback on their cat/dog relationship. The puppies are relatively new so we won't be able to pick him/her up for at least another three weeks.

It's a beautiful day outside. I'm off to go take a walk.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Danielle is convinced the stars are aligned this cycle. You should see how happy and optimistic she is. It's quite beautiful to see and I feel like she has enough optimism for the both of us. When we got there we were happily surprised to see our actual assigned doctor walk into the room to do our IUI. This is the first time she did it. Prior to that we had the nurse and the ice queen. She was so pleasant, encouraging and cheerful that it really raised my spirits. Both she and Danielle were happy with our donor's numbers, to my response to the medication this cycle, and with how the actual IUI went stating she was able to get the catheter in with ease and far up as possible. So now we are in the tww.

In other news, we are considering getting a puppy. It's not definite because our cat is incredibly spoiled and doesn't socialize well with other pets. For those that have both dogs and cats in their home, do you have any suggestions? We are really concerned that Slice will attack the it. In the meantime, here are some possible names: Giles or Willow for a boy. Zava or Winnie for a girl. Danielle hates them all but I think they are fun.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Try #15

My cycle so far has gone a little like this:

Gonal-F: I increased it on my own from 112.5 to 150. In the end it helped me produce more follies by day 8 u/s. By my day 10 u/s I had one lead follie and three smaller follies that had the potential to grow before my scheduled IUI. While I used the pen the first three days, I introduced my body to the vial and syringe form. Those needles are definitely fatter and took more of an effort to pierce my skin. People, stick with the pen (no pun intended). I also noticed that I had some random headaches during this cycle which isn't typical. Even while taking clomid for 3 cycles, I only got one headache throughout the entire process.

HCG: I triggered last night and I had a MAJOR reaction to the ovidrel this time around. Within 5 minutes of taking it my head felt heavy and foggy, I noticed some shortness of breath and I had an instant headache, make that migraine that lasted into this afternoon. The pressure in my head was pretty scary as all sorts of things ran through my mind. I consulted with two of my fellow blogger/friends who both had their IUI's 24 hours after the trigger. My clinic does their 36 hours after. Does anyone elses?

Acupuncture: I met with Sydnie today who was an absolute doll. She is "family" which I kinda suspected when I met her last year. She told me that she and her partner (both romantic and business) just welcomed their daughter into the world last month. The thing I liked about Sydnie was that she just "got it." She was reviewed my chart (I went in twice last year) and just asked how ttc had been going since then. I told her that this was my last try that I've moved on to injectibles, etc. She was able to verbalize how emotional and difficult ttc can be without me even saying it. It felt nice to be understood by someone IRL. I love acupuncture and if I had the money I would do it more often. I felt completely relaxed after today's session. I go back on Thursday for a "tweak."

IUI: I'll post about this tomorrow after it's done.

Emotions: My emotions just kinda vary at this moment. Overall, I feel like I'm just going through the motions. I'm giving it all can (acupuncture, spinach and pineapples as recommended by Sydnie, and lots of water) because I have nothing to lose but I'm so use to the same results that I will be truly and utterly shocked if I get a bfp. I want it so bad but I'm trying not to get my hopes up because... well you know how that goes.

Friday, May 15, 2009

My Favorite Shows

Greys- WHHHHHHYYYYYYY did they have to kill of George? WHY? I love him. I didn't see that coming at all. I had a sense that they were going to kill off Izzy because she has expressed her unhappiness with her role in recent interviews. But George? I'll miss them both. Okay Arizona is totally getting on my last nerve. Yes, she is a better love interest for Callie compared to Dr. Hahn but good lord, talk about someone who wants to talk everything to death. I cannot even comment on Bailey because the sound went out (however the background music was clear as day) when she was talking to the Chief. Did this happen to anyone else? I have no idea what she said in the scrub room. Bailey will remain one of my most favorite characters ever.

Jon and Kate Plus 8- It breaks my heart to hear that they've been targeted by the tabloids. I love their show but always worry how it will affect the kids. I've started to grow annoyed with the fact that they get free tickets to different venues and the kids get goodie bags at every event and special treatment. I worry that it is setting the kids up to believe that they are entitled and spoiled. I know there was an interview with Jon and Kate on the Morning Show so I tivo'd it. I hope they don't split.

Brothers and Sisters- One of the best shows in creation. Enough said. Actually that's not true. I'm thrilled that Rebecca and Justin are getting married. I think Holly's reaction was completely over the top and for god sake, why does she talk like that?

Desperate Housewives- If they don't kill off that blonde guy soon, I'm going to stop watching. He is so annoying and it's crazy how they've dragged out this storyline for an entire season.

The Office- Could that show get any funnier?

In Treatment- Why didn't it air last weekend? Great show.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Why people do the things they do

I got a call last night from a kiddo who I use to see years ago. She was crying hysterically because her father committed suicide by hanging earlier that day. She asked if I could come and see her today. Suicide is such an interesting thing to me. Although I know better (i.e the dynamics around suicide, why people do it, what triggers it) I can't help but feel really sad and angry at the fact that he left behind beautiful children and traumatized the person who found him hanging.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Green Light- Go

There's a rule in the ultrasound changing room that says you cannot ask the tech any questions during the ultrasound. At my clinic you have to wait for a phone call a few hours later from the RE nurse with the results. So imagine my suprise when the tech told me today that my 6mm (although I swore she said cm) cyst was gone and that I only have a small one but I should be good to go. I think she took pity on me because at one point during the ultrasound I closed my eyes and sighed without meaning to. My RE nurse called to confirm. I start taking shots tonight.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mother's Day

I've tried really hard not to acknowledge Mother's Day this year. Yes, I bought and sent my mother a gift and bought Danielle's mother my usual gift of potted flowers for the garden but up until I read someones blog a few hours ago, I was trying to avoid the emotional connection to Mother's Day. This is my third Mother's Day ttc. I always hope to be "made a mother for mother's day." This was the first year I didn't hold that hope. I think as the time gets closer to my last attempt at ttc, my nerves are getting the best of me. Day 3 u/s should be Monday morning.

Here's what the blog said:
To those who are blessed to have children on earth, to those blessed to have angels in heaven and to those who are mothers in their hearts and just waiting for their miracle, [Happy Mother's Day].

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

Trying to find somewhere to go to over Memorial Day weekend is proving to be a lot tougher than expected. Danielle is agreeable to just getting out of town whereas I want to go somewhere hot, sunny and with a beach. Here's what we've looked at:
  • Camping with another couple (one of Danielle's coworker/friends)... could be fun but could also be disastrous. I'm not big into hanging out with coworkers. Danielle hates camping but was the one who suggested it. I've done it once and actually liked it. Would have to go buy camping gear and the idea of not having a hot shower isn't what I exactly had in mind.
  • Rehoboth Beach- could visit a friend who lives there. It's a 6.5 hour drive. Not sure how hot it will be and I think the water will still be cold. Could end up costing the same amount if we go somewhere that is definitely warm.
  • Atlantis. Nassau, Bahamas- A girl can dream.

  • A weekend cruise on Royal Caribbean- It leaves it on Friday at 5pm. I work that day and can't get it off. Now, that would have been fun. The two ports of call are two of my favorite.
  • Fort Lauderdale- no reason in particular for this location but there's a beach, shopping, and the ability for me to work on my tan (lol) and read in the sun on a sandy beach. Danielle is not sure she wants to spend that much for a few days in the sun.
  • Las Vegas- Danielle's favorite playground. We found some decent prices but it can end up being pricey. We both enjoy playing poker.
  • Los Angeles- Normally I would jump all over this idea. I would love to see my friend Erica, there are beaches, but it feels like there's way too much stuff to do in such a short weekend. The flight alone takes up a lot of time. Our original plan was to make this our summer vacation spot when we would have more time to sight see.
  • Staying home and doing nothing- sigh!

I'm open to suggestions. Think warm/hot, sunny, beachy, not too too expensive.

On a ttc note: If I recall from my college days of taking bcp's, af should arrive when I get to the white placebo pills. If that is the case, my day 3 u/s will be on Saturday. Fingers crossed that the cyst shrunk and I can move on with my last try. I just want to get it over and done with. Now that's the spirit eh? lol.

ETA: Just realized that af will start when the placebo pills end not start. So that means my day 3 u/s will be next Saturday.