Sunday, March 29, 2009

Wii Fit

I bought a Wii Fit yesterday and absolutely love it. It's so much fun. I can't push it too much because of the recent back surgery but I think it will be a good way to slowly build up my core muscles. My favorite game is the hula hoop. Danielle laughs hysterically watching me because for some reason my right arm goes out of control the faster I hula but that's part of the fun right?

I know Wii's can do some pretty interesting things like connect with other people so you can play each other from your own home but I have no idea how to do this. I've also been told I have a Wii number. Any info on this and the other capabilities of Wii would be appreciated.

Monday, March 23, 2009

The rebirth of our bathroom

When we moved in to our home, we decided to paint the bathroom purple. The purple in my mind (a soft lavendar) was not what ended up on the wall. Danielle, didn't mind it but I hated it and desperately wanted to start over again. However, we lived with it for about 2 years. With the recent water damage, we were fortunate enough to use some of the money to update our bathroom. For a very long time, we desperately wanted to tile the floor, fix the shower from leaking onto the floor, get a larger vanity and address the mirror issue. Danielle and I constantly fight over mirror space and because we are both tall (I'm 5'10" and Danielle is 5'11") our vanity felt very low. Saturday we shopped for accessories and Sunday we put it all together. Here's what changed:
  • Wall color went from purple to Cumberland Fog (Behr). It's like a soft blue with grey undertones.

  • The shower curtain, hooks, shower faucets, shower surround, and shower head were all changed.

  • Flooring changed from linoleum to tile.

  • A shelf with some accessories were added above the toilet where there was once a picture of a pansy a friend and I took once upon a time.

  • The curtain remained the same but we added a candle feature to the windowsill.

  • The light fixture changed from those stage lights to a brushed nickle fixture. I also added a dimmer feature for a relaxing shower.

  • We went through hell with the vanity top. This was our third one. The first two were cracked when we opened the box. So after a nice chat with the mgr at Lowes, he knocked $100 off. The vanity itself was a great find at Lowes. Someone returned it because they were unhappy with the color. The size of this vanity generally goes for at least $500 but we got ours for $200 because it was an open box item. The other thing that I love about the vanity in addition to the cost, is that it is a lot taller than our previous one.

  • Danielle, who generally hates plants, really liked this particular one so I had to jump at the chance of adding it.

  • Mirror- at first we were going to add one large one but couldn't find any that would fit under the light fixture. So I got the bright idea to go to Michaels craft store to see if they sold mirrors. I totally hit the jackpot because I found the exact size to fit the two brushed nickel picture frames that once held the pansy pics. It worked out great because now we both have our own mirror and not only does it tie in with the faucets but it only cost me $16.

  • The big gaping square opening is where the previous cabinet was. I have a vision of turning it into an inverted space where I can put a vase with flowers or something to that effect. That will be my project this week.

  • This was such an interesting experience for the two of us. Even though we've been together for over 6 years, we just learned how incredibly different our taste/styles are. We really had to compromise and at times I had to pout to get my own way because I didn't want to compromise but all in all, I wouldn't trade the experience for anything. I generally get full reign of decorating our home but this was a fun project to do together.

*** The pics are before and the video is the after.

I just added this to rate my space on HGTV's website. To rate it (you don't have to leave a comment) go to RATE MY SPACE

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

No more hammers

The contractors are done just one day shy of two months of returning home the dreadful disaster. The carpet people came today and I cannot believe what a difference the carpet made. Our home feels like a home again, cozy, warm and inviting. Danielle is so excited that I think we are going to have friends over next weekend for game night. The cat who has been at Hotel Donna's (Danielle's mom) since a week before the cruise is coming home tonight. Danielle is thrilled. When we have everything put back together and decorated, I will post some pics. I'm so happy to have my home back together.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Today just wasn't a good day. Maybe tomorrow will be better.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Moving along

Back pain- has decreased. However, I'm having nerve pain running down my leg. I was told this would happen and it would go away. I hope it goes away soon because I'm in more pain than pre surgery.

Scooter- I begged Danielle to take me with her to Target on Saturday because I needed to get out in that great weather. However, I ended up in one of those motorized scooters because walking the store was too much. It was kinda cool and embarrassing all at the same time. I only hit into something 3 times and almost ran Danielle over once.

L-Word- I hated the finale and thought it was a horrible cop out on the writers part. Very disappointing. If anyone knows how I can get back the $18 a month I spent from Jan-Mar to watch this horrible season, please let me know.

Percocet and valium- these meds make me nothing but sick, sick, sick. How people become addicted to them is beyond me. I took one yesterday and I think I'm going to start to decreasing them. They don't help with the nerve pain.

TTC- It's 15 dpo with no signs or symptoms of AF but also no bfp to show for it. So I'm just waiting. We are going to move to another clinic because of my previous complaints of feeling like a number.

Home repair- Danielle and her sister painted the bathroom "Cumberland Fog" over the weekend. We were able to talk directly to the owner of the company and get a schedule nailed down because it seemed like the only way to get the house finished this year. So the tile guy is here to lay the tiles, the painters are painting the kitchen, and the shower is one day closer to being operational. We have a tentative end date of March 17th. I can't wait to get our house back in order.

Friday, March 6, 2009


Just great...Not only am I in pain but now I have a fever (101.2). I guess the hot/cold sweats and skin that hurts to the touch should have tipped me off but it wasn't until I took my temp, I got confirmation. Have I mentioned how wonderful Danielle has been throughout all of this? It's weird being so dependent on someone. I have a lot of guilt about it but she has been such a trooper. I also want to thank Tosha for texting me through my fever crisis.

Surgery Update

Surgery went well. I'm incredibly sore and in a lot of pain. I have some nausea associated with meds and standing/walking for too long. They said the pain will ease up in a week. I will blog more later. Our new bed arrived today. Just in time. yeah.

The doctor and nurses were fantastic. However, I found the nurses before the operation to be much nicer than the ones after. Luckily for me, they gave me something safe that put me to sleep during the surgery, which led me to wake up 1 1/2 hours after in the recovery room. The operation itself was only 1 hour long. I have an incision that is about 1 inch long. It is killing me to be so immobile. I really had an unrealistic view of what I would be able to do today. Danielle is fantastic. She has been so helpful and is taking care of me so well. I'm lucky to have her.

Here is a link to a short viedo of what they did:

UPDATE #2: (8 weeks later)
Earlier I wrote that I had an unrealistic view of what I would be able to do post operation. This same thought extended itself into my recovery. I really thought that I would up and moving around within days of my operation. However, it went a little more like this... The night of the operation I was very sore. It was very difficult for me to turn in bed or to get in and out of bed to go to the bathroom. I definitely needed Danielle's assistance. In the hospital I was given the option of morphine. It burned while administered IV but I felt much better once it got into my system. I think I had about 2 doses within the 24 hours. I was initially given the option of going home the same day as the surgery or staying overnight. I decided to stay overnight just so I could be monitored if needed and our new bed wasn't going to be delivered until the following morning. In hindsight I made the right decision because it would have been hell if I went home that same day. Upon discharge the following day, I was prescribed Percocet and Valium. I was told the Percocet was for pain and the Valium was to relax my muscles. If you are familiar with valium it is an anti-anxiety medication so I was a little surprised. My suggestion is to get them filled either prior to leaving the hospital or on the way home. We did neither so I had to wait a few hours until I got it.

Shortly after we got home, the new bed was delivered. Danielle put on the bed linens and I hopped in. I slept most of the day/night. I was still in a lot of pain and it continued to be difficult to turn in my sleep or get in and out of bed, especially since our new bed was much much higher than our old one. Our old one, you could just kinda sit down, this one you have to climb up. I found that Anyway, I found the combination of the meds made me feel very very nauseous and really loopy. That night I started to feel really hot but also had the chills. Yep, I developed a fever. My fever got as high as 103. We called the on-call doctor and he instructed me to take tylenol to reduce the fever. I took a few doses during the night and my fever was down by the next morning. I was dying for a shower and I suggest the sealing cling wrap to put around the steristrips to keep them dry. I also suggest a shower seat or having someone to hold onto while showering. I didn't have a shower seat and really wanted one the first week. I found myself sitting on a bucket in the shower. I would suggest getting a doctor to prescribe one prior to discharge and your insurance will cover the cost. If not, there's always Walmart, etc. The other thing I suggest buying is a Gopher. I bought one at Walmart for $10. It helped reduce having to bend (which should be avoided) to pick up socks, my cat's toys, things that I dropped on the floor, etc. We still use it even after the surgery.

The first two weeks were the most painful and you may spend most of the time in bed. I did get up often and walk around which is strongly encouraged. It was hard to get in and out of a car and I sometimes used one of the mobilized carts when Danielle took me to the store with her (I needed some fresh air). The steri-strips didn't fall off on their own but by day 10 I was sick of them and took them off myself. It felt good to take a good shower and scrub my back.

Weeks 3-7 I continued to recuperate. By day 4 I felt relatively good. I went for my 4 week follow up and the doctor was really impressed with my progress. He asked when I wanted to go back and I opted to wait another 3 weeks. I flew to Florida to visit my parents for a week and enjoy the sun before going back to work. Now that I'm back to work (week 8), I feel really good and I'm glad that I got the surgery. I had a lot of hesitation beforehand and I wish I was a little bit more informed earlier on. I would also suggest to walk as much as possible. I gained 5 pounds while off.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Lets call it what it is... denial

I wholeheartedly agree with the idea that ignorance is bliss. Okay, maybe not all of the time but there comes a time in the tww when you are close to testing but you don't want to test because you enjoy living in la la land with the idea that you could be possibly pregnant. POAS ruins all of that and just puts you down in the dumps.

Today I had my preoperative physical. They took 5 vials of blood (yikes) and asked for a medical history. I, ladies and gents, am in excellent health! At any rate, I was told that they will take a blood hcg test the morning of surgery (Thursday) which will be 10 dpo. I'm terrified to know the answer because at least with a urine hpt you can live in la la land. Wait, should I just call la la land, what it is? DENIAL. Okay so you can live in denial for a few days thinking maybe you took it too early, maybe you drank too much water beforehand and the hcg is diluted, etc. But with a blood test, you can't live in denial. It's the hard core fact. So even at 10dpo, I don't think there is much room for error right? If I get a negative on a blood test at 10dpo, what are the chances of that being a false negative? Should I ask for a quantitative vs qualitative? God, now I'm trying to bring you guys into denial with me. Stay away folks, stay away.

I'm very nervous about surgery. I seem to be more nervous about the anesthesia than with the surgery itself. Did I mention because I'm in the tww, they are giving me a spinal block so I'll be awake the entire time? Good times I tell you. So with all of that, do I really want to deal with a bfn on top of it? Should I ask not to be told? The only silver lining and this is a stretch is that if it is negative at least I'll already have an excuse to wallow in bed for a day or two and a new bed at that.

The construction is going a little slow but tomorrow they should make some headway. Fingers crossed.

Glammie this is for you:
hpt- home pregnancy test
poas- pee on a stick (peeing on a pregnancy test to see if you are pregnant)
hcg- the hormone detected in pregnancy
dpo- days past ovulation
tww- two week wait which is the time between ovulation and when your period is due.
bfn- big fat negative (on a hpt)
bfp- big fat positive (on a hpt)