Friday, July 31, 2009


I'm such a proud furparent. Why? Because my little furbaby finally walked on her leash. I've waited so long for this day. Now we can go to the park on a daily basis. To make the dinner even better Gracie had her first official playdate with Teddy. It was so cute to see them play together.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

My Niece's Christening

How freaken cute is she?

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Gift ideas

Gift: This weekend is my niece's "blessing" (read: christening). I'm so spent for ideas that I planned to just put money in a card. Any other ideas for a gift? Update: I got an idea of a silver piggy bank from Things Remembered with money in it. I'm always buying the girls stuff when I come to visit and I thought I'd like to start putting money in their banks when I come instead (well bring a small gift too). Not sure what to inscribe on it.

Gracie: is doing much better. The swelling and redness has gone down significantly and she's back to her happy go lucky self getting into mischief and being cute all at the same time (see pic of her in the shoe basket that she has so nicely chewed up over the past few weeks). Her new collar and leash came in. I'll post a pic later.

iPhone: I got one last week and I'm absolutely addicted to it. If you have one, I'm taking suggestions for apps. I wonder how many apps are considered unhealthy?

LA: Only a month until we go. I'm such a nerd, browsing though 5 different tourist books, picking out the things we must see/do. Your suggestions are still welcomed.

Mobile blogging: I've followed the directions and I still can't figure it out. Any tips? I would love to mobile blog while in L.A.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Poor Gracie, Part II

My poor little heart broke for Gracie today. I had to take her for her second round of shots. She was so excited to see other pets and humans in the waiting room and took her shots like a champ. After I paid, we walked around in the parking lot for a bit and I gave her a drink. I noticed that she was rubbing her eyes but didn't think much of it because one of her cutesy tricks into getting her own way is to play cute by rubbing her eyes and then looking at you so innocently. I put her in her carrier and off we went. About 1/2 a mile down the road I turned around to see if she was sleeping and the poor lovie's eyes were practically swollen shut. I did a quick pull over to check her out a bit more and without much hesitation drove her back to the vet. When I took her out of her carrier, her eyes were completely swollen and red. She looked like she just did a round in Tap Out. Still in her pain, she looked so innocent like "help me mamma." Her little tummy was red with hives. The vet gave her some benedryl and another shot which brought the swelling down, listened to her heartbeat and sent us on our way. I felt so sad for her drive home. I had promised her a trot in the park but obviously we couldn't do that. Danielle came home early so I could go to work and from the last report, she's doing much better. The swelling has gone down and she is running around the house like a mad woman which is baseline for her.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Drive by update

It feels like I'm neglecting my blog but truly I just don't have that much to write about.

Gracie- is doing much better. We went to our second class at puppy school. This week's lesson was heel, come, and walking forward on a leash. She was able to get it a few times. The way our teacher tells us to teach her gives us a few laughs. After school we took her to a street festival which she seemed to enjoy for all of the attention.

Slice- is now able to stand his ground and hiss at Gracie and then run away. Prior to that he would hiss while running away. He's able to get closer to her but if Gracie chases him, he's outta there. Luckily Gracie hasn't realized that she can actually climb the stairs.

Vacation- Only 6 weeks away. It feels like a long time from now but I know it will go by fast. After L.A. I think it's time to plan for another cruise. I'm telling you, they are so addictive.

TTC- I'm going in for some testing this week. Not sure if I should actually ttc this month at home or not. I'm worried about ordering and finding out that my follicle size isn't what it should be. Danielle will ttc in the upcoming cycle. The timing of ordering was off this month.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Bailey or Retro Jax

I had such a difficult time picking out a collar for Gracie. I first narrowed it down to five and now I narrowed it to two. They are all so cute and come with a matching leash. I know which one I'm going to order but I would love to know which one you like. The first one is Bailey, the pink one is Retro Jax.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Wisteria Lane

Yesterday we went to a party that was held on Wisteria Lane and boy did it live up to it's name. Two married women showed up with their boyfriends (note, not their husbands) and the amount of gossip that went on was amazing. Then the host had one too many and got a little "frisky" with Danielle. Poor Danielle was traumatized and embarrassed because this is a co-worker. Needless to say we left shortly afterwards.

Today was great though, we had a surf and turf bbq with a delicious salad and Italian bread. We played games, read about the must do's in L.A., and relaxed.

Tomorrow is the baby shower.

Gracie update: She is fine. No more vomiting. The night of the vomiting all of the other signs we were told to watch out for were fine. I think it was a combo of too much food, the car ride, and playing. Thanks for the feedback.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Poor Gracie

The other day I gave Gracie a kong with kong paste and she threw up. I chalked it up to being overly playful after eating it and not allowing her stomach to settle (kinda like the 30 minute no swimming after eating rule). Tonight, she ate, played with her biological siblings (Danielle took her over for a visit), ate some more when got home and threw up literally like 5-6 times. By the end it was just liquid/foam like. Poor Gracie, it was a rough night for her.

Of course, Danielle freaks out and makes me google Parvo disease. I don't think she has that. I think it was just a combo eating too much and the car ride. But just in case it wasn't, any thoughts? It's interesting to see how Danielle and I react to these "parenting" situations. Danielle is definitely the anxious worrier and I'm the very laid back, lets observe and see kind of person. I wonder how this will work out when we have actual children.

Tomorrow, we buy pet insurance.