Thursday, November 3, 2011

Love You Forever

I find this book very strange but oddly enough I'm drawn to it. So drawn that I may actually buy it to add to the little one's library.

It's about the love between a mother and her son that transcends over time. Each night when he's asleep she takes him in her arms, rocks him back and forth and sings to him her own little song. However, she does this little ritual even when he's an adult and living in his own place across town. She takes her ladder, climbs in to his room and rocks him. I almost died of laughter when I read it for the first time. I have so many questions like what the hell does his wife think? What if they were having sex? Why doesn't he wake up? Does she have difficulty sleeping? Why doesn't she ask for a key? Quite honestly, I think it would make an awesome SNL skit.

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luckyduck said...

I find the book creepy from an adult point of view. . .but from a child's it must be comforting, right? Like Mommy will always love me and cuddle me, and as a young child that is all I think I would want?

We have it, but I've never read to my kids. People either LOVE it or HATE it! It was read on Friends for Rachel's baby, I think Phoebe read it! ( I watch Friends a lot, forgive me!)


anofferingoflove said...

i just read it as a bit comical, the scene with her driving across town with a ladder on her car makes me laugh.

as a whole though, the book makes me teary. every. single. time.

Lisa said...

I totally agree that from an adult's point of view it is hilarious and creepy and sweet all rolled in to one. While one page made me die of laughter (the one where she has the ladder strapped to the top of the car), the page where she calls him to come see her and he rocks her made me tear up. All in all, it is a sweet book. Preston actually loves when I get to the singing part and becomes almost mesmorized. He has that sweet loving look he gives me that says "I love you mommy." So I guess it's all worth it.

CJ said...

I bought that book when I found out my son was going to be a boy. He is now fifteen years old. When we moved, I found it on the bottom of a stack of his gaming magazines. It's very well read. I love that kid.